3 Easy Ways To Improve Your Project Management Skills

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Project Manager acts as a leader of the project in hand and is responsible for managing the end-to-end execution of the project. As a PM, you need to do research and gather requirements, answer any open-ended questions, help the team resolve dependencies, and ultimately deliver a fully-tested project. To achieve this, you need to maintain a balance between the cost of the project and the resources available, and be able to deliver the project within timelines. You will have to prioritize between features and task assignments to meet deadlines.

A few ways to improve your project management skills:

Identify the gaps

The first step to improving your PM skills is identifying areas of improvement. Critically analyze the work that you have done over the past few months/years to understand what went well and what could be improved. It is also advised to have a mentor who can guide you professionally, and help point out your skills and areas of improvement. Regular feedback on your work is another way to identify your weaknesses and strengths.

Work on them

Once you understand the missing gaps, lay down a plan to work on the skills that need improvement. Take tips and advice from the ones who are good in those areas.
For example, assume that the task breakdown of the project is something that you need to improve. Take the help of the tech lead in the team, who can guide you on the complexities of the project which you might have missed.

Measure the improvements

Once you start working on your weaknesses, you will need to measure your performance. Take feedback from your manager, peers, and juniors on your performance. Do not shy away from getting critical feedback, and suggestions, since these are the ones that are going to help you identify the flaws and in turn work towards them.

Track your project and see if it is going as per the requirements and deadlines. On-time good project delivery is one of the main goals of a project manager. If your work is on track and everybody is on-board with the plan, it means you are doing great.

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