5 Tips For Beginner Bloggers

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I started blogging as a hobby, and eventually, when I wanted to shift to professional blogging, I didn’t understand or read much about the nitty-gritty involved in starting a career in it.
Over time, when I gained more experience in blogging, I understood the important aspects of turning this hobby into a full-time profession.
And let me tell you, it is much much more than just writing content!

Here are the top 5 tips that you need to follow if you are new to blogging and want to make it a full-time profession. Remember that these are just the initial steps. Once you have a basic setup ready, you will need to dig deeper to understand the steps involved in making your blogging career a flourished business.

Now I know many websites like Tumblr, Blogger, Wordpress, Medium offer free writing space, but I recommend creating your website and hosting your domain so that it is entirely under your control.

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I set up Penning Silly Thoughts when I first started thinking of blogging as a career

Additionally, setting up the website for monetization later will be simpler without the need for transferring your posts to a new space.

Medium, however, gives you the advantage of earning through a free writing platform.

The second most important part is understanding and identifying the niche of your content. Try to figure out what you want to write most about — topics that you have knowledge of or ones that will attract more visitors.

There is a chance that you are not able to decide in an instant and prefer figuring out your niche as you continue to write. In that case, do not load a single page of your website with a variety of articles, and instead, categorize your content and create pages with posts relevant to a specific topic on a single page. You can check this website, for instance.

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I have divided my blog into sections — Travel, Life, Food, and Paint

Consistency(+good content) is aptly the key to a successful blogging career. To achieve this, you can plan your content ahead of time and create a publishing schedule. When you set fixed timelines for publishing articles, your blogging life will be more disciplined.

It might seem a little hard to maintain a fixed schedule in the beginning, but once you start following a set routine, your overall work productivity will increase. In addition to this, your readers will know when your post is coming and will make time to read it.

In either case, try to post good content as frequently as you can.

Do not solely narrate stories(unless they are super witty and engaging) with no takeaway for your readers. Understanding how your post can help your readers is particularly important.

I learned this technique after reading several articles written by other bloggers related to my domain.

For example, if you are a travel blogger, you must not just describe how you spent your day in a place. Instead, if you share detailed itineraries, travel tips, and howto’s in your post, it’ll be more useful to your reader.

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Instead of sharing how I reached the city, I am sharing ways how an interested traveler can reach Coimbatore

Readers are more likely to come back to your blog if they find it informational and beneficial.

Someone mentioned it to me, “If your content is not reaching the people it should, you are probably not helping the people that you intend to.”

Marketing your blog is of as much importance as is writing good content.

To achieve this, share your posts with as many people as possible, and through as many channels as possible. With millions of articles publishing online every single day, to be able to increase the visibility of your posts on the search engines, you need your work to reach the right audience. The more time readers spend reading your article, the better will be the ranking of your post.

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Sharing my latest post on my Facebook page

Of course, there are many technicalities involved in marketing your blog right, but I’ll leave that for later.

Follow these five steps, and you’ll be ready to take your hobby to a professional level in no time.

A traveling enthusiast and a keen storyteller. Find out more at penning-silly-thoughts.com or buy me a coffee at ko-fi.com/ajita.

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