Baring true self

Credits: Author

Two people, when they meet,
How long do they take
To know each other?

Is it through the exchange of stories of the past
Or through sharing together the experiences,
Making new memories that last?
Or is it when they bare their bodies,
Do they bare their true self?


The rising travel trend of voluntourism

Credits: VP Bali. In picture: Author

What is Voluntourism?

As indicated by the word voluntourism itself, it is a combination of volunteer and tourism. As part of voluntourism, travelers participate in various voluntary work to assist an organization, promote an issue or help elevate communities. Volunteers are generally of varied professions, countries, beliefs, with zero to relevant work experience.


Turns out not all strangers are dangerous

“The roads and turns that we take…” (Credits: Author)

It’s been almost four years since I fell in love with solo traveling — exploring at my own pace, crossing hurdles independently, learning more about myself and the world around me. I also realized that traveling alone is not everything nice and fancy. It is not always a bed of…

The rise in trend of young adults moving back with their parents

Photo by Elly Fairytale from Pexels

Until the early 1990s, most children left their parents’ homes by the age of seventeen to attend a university or enter the labor market (Spoonley, 2020, p. 40). In either case, they started living independently, away from their parents. However, this trend slowly started to transition. The young adult children…

Breaking the stigma

Image Source: Canva

Do you remember Enrique and Usher’s Dirty Dancer that was released in 2011? If not, you can watch the video here.

While this song was pleasing to both eyes and ears for many, I was mostly intrigued by the dance performed by the girls in the video. With their extreme…

So is its struggle.

Credits: Author

Most of us feel uncomfortable talking about a woman’s period or its associated effects. We generally avoid discussion around this topic, unless there is something urgent that we need to talk about to our gynecologist.

Apart from the stigma around period, there are also jokes about women PMSing on days…


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