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The many faces of manipulation

What is deception?
To you, I ask.
Is it a physical betrayal?
An emotional manipulation?
A mental trickery?
Or a spiritual fraud?
Which of them is the worst,
The most sinister mask?

Image Credits: Author

Is it the fleeting physical fun?
Where I lay embraced
In arms of another, someone
Who’s not you
While you lay in bed
Your hand open, resting
On my side of the bed
You wait,
Wait for me to come
And lie next to you,
By your side
So you can curl around
Hold me close
Keep me warm
In the quiet of the night

Or is it…

The unrequited love stories

Image credits: Author + Canva

The first one, let’s call him
Mr. R, the responsible one
Teenage was new
So was the passion
The new crush obsession
R was a nice kind
The good boy, a family guy
Friendship was destiny
Ahh! love, a casualty
I like you, he said
My girl best friend
Alas! I was friendzoned
Love is possible, he said
But you are too young
A child to me
Oh! the irony
He is now married
To the woman as old as me

The second one, let’s call him
Mr. T, the tall one
T was competing with R
The two resided at the same…

Travel. Solo Travel. Travel Tips.

Tips for a first time solo traveler.

Image Credits: Author

I had always fancied the idea of going to a random place and exploring it on my own. And when I finally did it, I learned to overcome my own inhibitions that not only concerned travel but so many other things, too.

Before moving to a new place, I always make numerous plans related to my daily schedule, lifestyle, and so many other things, out of which most of them remain unaccomplished.
In Nov ’18, I moved to the US from India as part of an internal team transition. But before I moved, I made big plans in my head…

An open letter to my egg

KDS444, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

I am born with a million of you
Million, I lose when I grow old
Your supply is reduced
Drastically, I mean
Only in lakhs now, really?
Throughout your life
You compete too,
Just like the little swimmers
That cover long distances
Only for you
Now, not many know
The largest of you survives
The smaller ones die
Sad, right?
That’s okay
The larger ones die too
If not fertilized
If fertilized,
It brings a new life
Dear Egg inside me,
You represent birth and death
The reality of life!

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Story of a fallen flower

Image Credits: Author

It was a lovely day
Just yesterday
Not even 24 hours have gone
It was our hiding spot
Aashif and Ankita, the AasAn (easy) spot
We’d call it
Thinking it would get easier
Here, let me tell you, it won’t

It was a special day
Just yesterday
Not even 24 hours have gone
Aashif brought me a rose
Three years of togetherness
We’d celebrate
Dance to the music of love
But before we could

The day turned dark
Will tomorrow be better,
After 24 hours have gone?
They saw us, tore us apart
Took Aashif by his arm
The rose fell down from his feeble…

Short stories set in India

Book cover

The author of the book, Jagmohan Sharma, is an engineer by profession and writes short stories as a side hustle. His anthology, Twists, is a narration of tales inspired by his experiences and encounters in India. The book is a collection of six short stories that do justice to its name “Twists” by introducing unexpected twists towards the end of each narrative.

The stories have impressive titles that quickly grab the reader’s interest; however, they also negatively affected the book. …

There are always two sides to the story. Shunning patriarchal mindset.

Of the two opposing sides, the winner indeed gets to narrate their version of the story. The loser, if dead, is not only defeated on the battlefield, but their stories remain untold or distorted in the books of history. History, which is supposed to speak volumes about the past, remains incomplete without the version of the losing side. And so, it happened with beloved Cleopatra too, a hero for her people, but a villain for the Romans.

Louis le Grand, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Cleopatra is a perfect example of a strong, independent woman, undeterred by the views of outsiders. A woman full of love, passion, and…

Flush the damn toilet, please!

Photo by Claudio Schwarz | @purzlbaum on Unsplash

Hi poor soul,
I call you that because
I’m worried
Are you suffering from a disease?
Because I saw drops of your pee on the seat.
Floating in the commode, too
Memory issues?
Did you forget to flush your peepee?
And clean the seat?

Ummm, perhaps I should not call you a poor soul,
Maybe you are a big star.
With imaginary big assets
That you didn’t realize
Were showering the whole commode
No, you did not hit the bull’s eye.
I’ll clarify
Perhaps you think it’s not your duty.
To put the wipes inside the dustbin. …


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