Can You Make Money Blogging?

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I won’t lie and say you can earn from blogging in a day — It requires time, and constant effort, and dedication. So if you are in for it, this article is for you, and I’m sure you’ll be able to make good money from blogging soon.

If you are new to blogging or seeking blogging as a full-time profession, here is a quick guide to help you take the initial steps towards establishing a career out of it.

Once you have your blog set-up and you have published a good number of articles on it, you’d now want to earn from it.

I have listed five ways that will help you make money from blogging, and who knows you’ll earn your first income within a month of starting your blog.

Advertising is a common way of earning from a blog. You can either directly sell space on your website to the businesses who want to advertise their product/services, or use a middle-man like Google AdSense(an ad-network) that can do that for you.

From my personal experience, when you use Google Adsense, the complete process of advertising becomes easier. The platform takes care of displaying the right ads to the right audience. It also gives you the flexibility to choose the ad categories and ad placement on the website. In addition to this, you can use stats shared by Adsense to evaluate the scope for ad revenue improvement.

The platform is also responsible for billing the businesses. And of the total amount it charges a business, Google shares 68% with the website owner and keeps the remaining 32% for platform development and maintenance.

So if you want to avoid the headache and the hassle of setting up advertisements on your website, I’d highly recommend using Google Adsense. Read more about it here.

Affiliate Marketing is very similar to advertising, with a difference that instead of getting paid per click or view, you earn through the sales that you make. When a visitor clicks on the affiliate advertisement link or banner on your website, she/he is redirected to the company’s page. And if they make a purchase through your link, you’ll earn some part of the sale(commission) without any additional cost to the reader.

PS: Register for products/services that you yourself use or approve of, or products that fit with the niche of your articles, so that the reader is not misdirected.
I, for example, have registered with and Grammarly affiliate programs. These are the two products that I extensively use and like as well.

There are a lot of magazines and online platforms that are generally looking for freelance writers. But let me warn you, the competition is tough, and it is sometimes a little tricky to find the right job that suits your interest and also pays well.
A few websites where I found work are,, and Apart from these, you can also explore UpWork, Fiverr, and Truelancer.
Getting your work published in a magazine is generally a long process, which might take 2–3 months for even getting an acknowledgment of your article. Nonetheless, if your article is accepted, the pay is much more than a regular freelance writing job.

Another common way to earn from blogging is to turn your niche into an online business. You can sell products ranging from clothes and accessories, online tutorials, postcards, e-books, to software solutions (if you are a tech writer) or customized tours (if you are a travel writer). You can even charge a minimum membership fee for readers who are interested in a regular feed from your website. Once you have an online store or transaction system set-up, it is a very convenient way to earn income and be able to continue writing as well.

What if you get paid for what you write on your website? The best option, right?
Getting sponsorship for an article is a great way to make money from blogging. If you are a travel blogger like me, you can write about hotels that you stayed at or tour companies that you traveled with during your trip. Similarly, if you are a food blogger, you can write about restaurants in town, a tech blogger can write about new gadgets, and a beauty blogger can write about beauty brands and their products. So you can write reviews about up and coming products/services for the niche that you have selected for your blog.

Unfortunately, many bloggers fall into the trap of sharing misleading information with their readers. Ingenuine reviews of the product/service are quite common, so make sure that you clarify to the sponsor before the deal that your content will be based on personal experience. For me personally, this is a very important aspect of sponsored writing.

In the end, be sure that your readers can trust what you have written. Follow the right ethics and write genuine content. If you are reviewing a product/service, write true feedback than blind praises.

To conclude, do not rush into making quick money from blogging. Create a good portfolio first (several writing samples) before you start thinking about making money. And once you are there, charge the right compensation for your work. You’ll find many opportunities that are equivalent to working for free, try to avoid those, settle for only what you deserve.

I hope this article helps you in some way. Do share your blogging experiences in the comments below :)

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