Inspired From True Incidents!

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Photo by Andriyko Podilnyk on Unsplash

He grabs me, his moist fingers curling around the edge of my left shoulder. He pulls me closer, pushing his chest towards mine. Caught by surprise, my body tightens, but the grip of my hand loosens. A bar of half-eaten chocolate falls from my left hand, and its wrapper opens up a little, revealing the marks of my bite. His fingers dig deeper into my shoulder as he moves his face slowly towards mine. I hunch back a little and close my eyes. A drop of sweat drips down his flowy hair and falls on the right collar of my shirt as he leans forward.

His wet lips touch mine, I close my eyes tighter. My legs shiver, I start to lose balance as my left leg bends a little. I straighten it. He pulls me back, his hand sliding from my left shoulder to my chest, to my right shoulder, to my back, to my butt.

My cheeks turn red and tears roll down my eyes. I fold my left arm up to pull down the bag that dangled on my left shoulder. The veins in my arm strain out, clearly visible from underneath the skin. I hold the bag, tightly clenching it from its loose strap. My lips tense, my eyebrows furrow, I twist to my right, and swing the bag towards and then behind my right shoulder, hitting the centre of his head. The plastic pencil case comes tumbling down from the side of the bag. It falls hard on the ground, breaking open, as two pencils, one eraser, and a sharpener scatter between his feet and mine.

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